Sporządzanie sprawozdań finansowych według MSSF oraz według ustawy o rachunkowości.


Prowadzenie ksiąg rachunkowych i podatkowych. Przygotowanie zestawiń i raportów.


Analizy ekonomiczne i finansowe. Controling działalności i sprawności przedsiębiorstwa.


Badanie sprawozdań finansowych: jednostkowych, skonsolidowanych, łącznych.


About us

 Independent financial advisors delivering best quality audit and accounting services  

Our team consists of excellently qualified professionals having relevant knowledge and experience proved by appropriate certificates and licenses.  

We cooperate with stock–quoted companies and investments funds as well as public finance’s entities and entrepreneurs.  

WBS is an independent company, our staff posses the company’s shares and we do not belong to any financial group.  

We are active on the accounting services market since 2000.  

We are authorized to perform financial statements’ audits by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors according to the Act on Statutory Auditors, Their Self-Governing Organization, Entities Authorized to Audit Financial Statements and on Public Oversight of May 7, 2009 (Official Journal of 2009 No 77 item 649).  



WBS Rachunkowość Consulting Sp. z o.o.
Grzybowska St 4 lok. U9B
01-131 Warszawa
NIP: 118 16 25 246

Secretariat: 22 419 20 80
Accounting: 22 419 20 85; 22 419 20 86
Fax: 22 419 20 81 

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