Applcation of IAS / IFRS

The Act on Accountinf defines entities entitled to apply IAS but before making decision on their application it is advisable to carefully consider all pros and cons.


Regulation on civil liability

The Regulations provides specificvide scope of civil liability as referres to in the Article 50 items 1 and 2 of the Act as well as the date of insurance obligation and minimum insurance sum.


About Us

WBS Rachunkowość Consulting Sp. z o.o. is specialised in broadly defined accountancy and delivers best accounting solutions.

We offer our clients maintaining financial records, financial revision including financial statements’ audits and reviews, auditing restructuring plans, contribution values, management reports and other services.

The Company delivers its accounting services on Warsaw market since 2000 and properly audit services since 2003. We are known and recognised in Warsaw and around. The essential part of our activity besides audits and reviews are attestation and advisory services.

The Company is an auditor of 4 public entities and 6 investment funds among others. We engage 25 people including 12 people working in our office in Warsaw. 
Our performance is
based on our professionally qualified staff whose experience is proved by long-standing accomplishments as accountants and statutory auditors.


Key staff

Marcin Wasil – Management Board President, independent accountant since 2000 and statutory auditor since 2003, he audits financial statements and works as an accountant since 1993, and starting from 2000 in the company WBS Rachunkowość Consulting. He has expertise on accounting systems organization as well as financial statements audits.
Jadwiga Kacperczyk – Statutory Auditor  
Barbara Wągrowska – Statutory Auditor
Marta Jankowska – Accountancy Unit Manager
Emilia Wasil – Accountancy Outsourcing Manager
Małgorzata Dłuha - Accountancy Outsourcing Manager
Jarosław Żyła – Assistant to the Auditor
Anna Wierzbicka - Assistant to the Auditor


For several years we cooperate with EBC Solicitors Arkadiusz Stryja S.K., law firm specialized in business entities’ professional service, having in particular considerable experience in advisory services for entities making investments on capital market including private equity and venture capital funds. The lawyers’ office enjoys the status of New Connect Authorized Advisor.    From 2009 WBS Rachunkowość Consulting is a 50 % shareholder of IN PLUS Partner Grupa WBS Sp. z o.o. delivering complex accounting and personnel and payroll service mainly to smaller entities.